Our Story
Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd, the most effective and efficient cleaning service in Uganda was incorporated in April 2015. We started as a laundry shop in Mukono, which later grew into a fully fledged cleaning company. Our first clients were students of Mukono University. We later rolled out into corporate clients and business people.
We offer comprehensive cleaning, organizing and fumigation services to institutions, organizations and companies. We are conscious of our environment and 90% of the products we use are environmentally friendly. Our aim is to ensure that our clients work in a clean, healthy environment, free from germs and viruses. As our clients focus on their core objectives, we focus on keeping them clean and sparkling.

Our Values
• Customer focus: Be accountable to customers for quality, commitments and results.
• Honesty and integrity: Continuously maintain a trustworthy relationship with all stakeholders.
• Excellence: Develop our expertise through continuous learning, creativity, innovations and deliver the right solutions to our customers problems.
• Teamwork.

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of environmentally friendly cleaning, vector and vermin control services in Uganda through expertise, research and innovation.

Our Mission
To establish systems that will ensure that the health, cleanliness, safety and prosperity of our customers, communities and the environment are improved. This is through establishing a lasting collaborative relationship with customers and the general public in offer of environmentally friendly cleaning.
Capability Statement

Nannozi Victoria - Managing Director.

She is an entrepreneur, a researcher and a mother. She has had the opportunity of working in different organizations and at different levels. She appreciates the role of hygiene and sanitation and the overall corporate image. She has had the opportunity of supervising people of different educational and social backgrounds in both the community and office. She has continuously read and researched about the appropriate, environmentally friendly cleaning and pest control solutions available.
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