The services provided by Nissi Classic cleaners ltd are either on contract arrangement or on-spot billing or customized system. The cleaning is scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which is offered with extreme care for the client's privacy, security, and assets. The services are also categorized into either light duty or heavy duty.

We encourage our customers to take on long term contracts because;
  1. It’s cheaper. Our customers does not have to spend on purchase of equipment, hire of cleaning personnel, thus saving on insurance costs and other related costs.
  2. The customer is able to save one of the most valuable assets ie time to concentrate on other objectives as we do the dirty work. Organizations or companies do not have to worry about the management of low cadre staff.
  3. It facilitates building a stronger partnership. In this partnership we are able to study and understand the customer’s needs for a better service. It also offers an opportunity to point out issues that could have been missed in the initial contract.
  4. Long term contracts increase the security in the building as the occupants get familiar with the cleaners and their cleaning patterns.

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